Great Ways To Liven Up Your Festivities

If you’re thinking about having a party or celebration of some sort then you may be considering ways to liven it up and add excitement to the procedures. You’re obviously going to want to create a memorable experience for your guests and ensure that they look forward to the next party you host.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by introducing and letting off fireworks during the evening portion of your party, and there is a large selection of fireworks for you to choose from. Different fireworks produce different audio and visual effects, so it’s important to spend some time reading up about what the different products do.

You will also need to consider the space you have to let the fireworks off, as certain fireworks require a minimum space due to safety regulations. Remember, fireworks have an explosive element and as such safety is extremely important. Always follow the instructions printed on the packaging and ensure that minors and pets are kept well away from a lit firework.

Your guest’s safety is your responsibility, and you need to ensure that they are not put in harm’s way.

Popular Fireworks

fireworks displayFireworks were originally invented by the Chinese over a thousand years ago as they looked for new ways to heighten excitement during their celebrations. In the years since fireworks have gone on to become the number one accompaniment to parties and festivities all over the world. As a result it’s quite easy to locate fireworks, and there are probably many retailers in your area who stock them.

However, for safety reasons, I recommend that you avoid buying your fireworks from local sellers and instead source them from a reputable company such as Fireworks Crazy. This will guarantee that the products are of the highest quality and there are no faults or problems with the product’s design.


Rockets are generally considered to be the most popular type of firework sold today and are available in a range of audio and visual effects. These products consist of a fuse attached to a body which in turn is connected to a thin straight stick or rod, which is pressed into the ground and keeps the product pointing skyward.

When the rocket ignites it shoots off into the sky and explodes after five to ten seconds.

Roman Candles

These are also very popular but are quite different to rockets. A roman candle consists of a large candle-like holder with a fuse sticking out from the top. The candle remains on the ground and instead shoots out one or more coloured sparks between ten and fifteen feet into the air.

There is a large variation in the style and sizes available, and you can also buy roman candle barrages which are made up of a number of candles that shoot at the same time.


These are similar to the roman candles in that they remain stationary, but unlike a candle fountains produce a multitude of colourful sparks for a short period of time. Fountains are quite soft in their audio output and produce a soft crackling noise.

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Aberdeen And The Surrounding Areas For Families

Aberdeen beach, ScotlandAberdeen beach

Scotland’s third most populous city stands proudly on the coast of the North Sea. Aberdeen combines all the amenities of a modern metropolis with all the charm of a historic destination. As far as activities and sights are concerned, Aberdeen is a very family-friendly location with plenty of places that children will find fascinating and fun. The city is conveniently located midway between Edinburgh and Inverness, making it an ideal place to stop on a Scottish road trip holiday.


Aberdeen sits right on the border of Scotland’s castle country and is located within an hour’s drive of over 300 castles where children can exercise their imagination and pretend to be royalty for the day. The most famous in the region is Balmoral Castle, where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert once shared a romantic weekend together. Just a few miles down the road is the distinctively pink Craigievar Castle, which would not look out of place in a Walt Disney film. The best way to see multiple castles in a day is by car, and tourists planning on visiting Aberdeen should consider car hire if they plan on getting the most out of their trip. Rental cars can be easily booked from Aberdeen’s airport where you’ll find all the major national companies like National Car represented.

Satrosphere Science Centre

A trip to the Satrosphere Science Centre just outside central Aberdeen is a must for anyone with a passion for science. Specifically catered to children, it may even inspire some kids to grow up to be scientists themselves. In a departure from traditional, stuffy museums, Satrosphere features interactive exhibits that illustrate how science is present and relevant in our everyday lives. Children (and adults) have the opportunity to learn about everything from basic scientific principles, to more abstracted topics like the environment and our ecosystem.

The Beach

Aberdeen lays claim to a stunning golden sand beach that is a favourite amongst both locals and visitors. Aberdeen Beach is lined with excellent family friendly attractions, including Codonas Amusement Park and Queen’s Link. Between the two, you’ll find great restaurants, cinemas and amusement park rides and games that offer fun for the whole family. Of course, the stunning North Sea is not to be neglected. Aberdeen has become known as a great place to view bottlenose dolphins in the wild. Dolphins can often be seen right from the shore, but if you want a closer glimpse you can take part in a nature cruise where it’s possible not only to see dolphins and whales, but adorable puffins and a variety of other seabirds as well.

Aberdeen Fish Market

If you can get your kids up early enough, consider taking them to the Aberdeen Fish Market. This colourful market has been around for centuries and offers a glimpse into modern maritime and seafaring culture. Fresh fish are offloaded from trawlers and brought into the market where they are auctioned off in the following hours. Fishing has long been a major industry in Aberdeen and the city has had a covered fish market since the 1800s.

Doonies Farm

Just a 15-minute drive from Aberdeen, Doonies Farm makes for an excellent day or half day trip from the city. The farm is dedicated to preserving the heritage of rare breed farm animals native to the UK, and is both educational and entertaining for visitors of all ages. You’ll encounter dozens of different rare breed species of cow, horse, pig, duck and chicken and learn about their unique history. Kids will revel in the opportunity to see these animals up close and will even have a chance to pet some.

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Aberdeen’s Must see Attractions for first time Visitors

Aberdeen is one of the cities with very many tourists’ attraction sites such as museums, magnificent gardens, national parks and above all world class hotels. The city offers a perfect tourist destination which guarantees the visitors total relaxation. Once you visit Aberdeen, the list of tourist sites is endless; you will be spoilt for choice due to the many destinations available to visit.

One of the best attractions in Aberdeen is castle trail; this has beautifully built castles than anywhere else in the world. It’s a breath taking experience to visit this site. The castles are well crafted and have been describes as the world finest castles available. The trail has about 17 castles, people says that the queen spends her summers in these castles.

The cairngorms national park is another tourist site that, it has some of the biggest native forests, high mountains; it is a way to discover Scotland’s country side with a cool breath of fresh air. It has plenty of wildlife and spectacular clean water flowing in the rivers. The cairngorms national park has so many wild life animals such as, fox, bat, and squirrels among others. If you visit this national park over the autumn season, you will see a wide variety of colorful birds.

Aberdeen art gallery is among the city’s [popular tourist destination, the items in the gallery are as old as 18th century. There are several portraits, and contemporary work by some of the best artist in the history. There are several events, hosted here on a regular basis as well as talks.

For outdoor activity lovers, there are plenty of things for you to do, Aberdeen has some of the world finest country walks, and you will enjoy the spectacular land scape and the natural beauty. It is a perfect place to take photos. Apart from the nature walks, you can peruse other outdoor activities such as snowboarding or skiing.

Another natural attraction in Aberdeen is the natural reserve which has several dunes, the locals here boast of golden sand dunes, cliffs, spectacular moorland among other features. You simply have to visit here to see for yourself.

Aberdeen has some of the best vintage boutiques and music shops in the world, you will for sure enjoy the shopping experience in this city, and there are a variety of shops with fashionable clothes that come in unique designs. If you visit Aberdeen, you will have a good shopping experience.

Aberdeen offers a variety of adventure sports activities that will help you relax when you visit this city. The sports include snow sports, where visitors can enjoy skiing at various levels. Gleenshee is one of the best places where you can hire the equipment for such sports. It’s has a good reputation as far as the adventure sports is concerned. The games are available in three levels i.e. beginner, intermediate and advanced level. The categories for adventure sports are dry land, air, ice and snow, riding and water. Due to the variety of these categories tourists are spoilt for choice.

If you visit Aberdeen and you intend to visit America, it is advisable that you consider applying for visa via the esta program.

Aberdeen Cook Schools And Accommodation Deals + Food & Drink Festivals

Aberdeen Cook Schools

Aberdeen Cook Schools

Cook schools are a fantastic way to spend a day or two indulging your self in the latest and greatest cooking techniques, all passed on by some of the best cooks and chefs in Scotland,

It’s also a great way to indulge your palate and your waist-line with some amazing flavours.

Aberdeen is lucky in that it has some great cook schools, with the Nick Nairn Cook School being one of the best in the country and based right in the city centre. The school offers a wide range of classes and workshops for cooks of all levels.

Tip: Hotel rooms rates in Aberdeen are fantastically cheap at weekends (when oil workers are not visiting the city). This makes Aberdeen a great place to head to for a weekend cook school trip. For all the lowest room rates at the best hotels in Aberdeen simply use the search box on the left hand-side of this website – be searching you’ll compare room rates across all the leading hotel booking websites.

Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire is also blessed with a great number of food and drink festivals. Why not combine your cook school visit with one of these great events. Below I’ve listed just a few of the brilliant food and drink festivals that happen throughout the year in the area.

Bon Appétit!

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Aberdeen on a Budget: Five Things To Do

Source e-architect

Source e-architect

Truth is, Aberdeen is not the hottest tourist trail in Britain, however this is still one place that you should visit in the event that you find yourself wandering that far North. If you are on a budget, or you just want to have a laid back and simple trip, then this is one city that you should take a look at. People who are on a budget love traveling to Aberdeen due to the simple fact that it offers lots of free attractions and activities. In the event that you plan on going to Aberdeen, here is the list of the top free attractions in Aberdeen:

 The Aberdeen Art Gallery. If you are an art lover or you are the type of person who like to take a look at beautiful things, then this is one attraction you should not forget to visit! This art gallery is the home to all the good art pieces that Aberdeen has to offer. It exhibits the collections from the 19th, 20th as well as the 21st works. It offers people a diverse and rich art collection together with an exciting programme of all their special exhibitions. Aside from the art pieces, you can also get to enjoy different souvenirs from the gallery shop as well as tasty desserts and a good cup of coffee in the galler’s coffee shop.

 The Aberdeen Maritime Museum. If you are a history buff, the this is one attraction you should visit! This will show you works that exhibits the great relationship between the city and the sea. This museum has garnered lots of awards because of its exquisite exhibits which tell the great history of Aberdeen. This can be found in the famous and historic Shiprow and has the beauty of Provost Ross’ House. Built in 1953, the Aberdeen Maritime Museum is the home to a one of a kind collection of ship building, fishing and port history together with fast sailing ships.

 Aberdeen parks. One of the best way to enjoy a trip is to lie on the grass or take a stroll down the famous Aberdeen parks. Nothing beats relaxing on the park, admiring the beauty of the green grass and the flowers and just simply breathing in the fresh air of Aberdeen. Averdeen is well known for its amazing and beautiful gardens that everyone is free to enjoy.

 Provost Skene’s House. Built in 1545, Provost Skene’s House is the home to a collection of really attractive rperiod rooms. Each rooms is designed to portray the way people lived during the 17th, 18th and even the early 19th century. It is named after Aberdeen’s most famous resident. In fact, a lot of people say that Lord Provost Skene, himself, provisioned the carved plaster ceilings,. The house exhibits amazing religious paintings along with the ever changing exhibits of dresses or costumes.

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Pre-Aberdeen Tips: Finest Cuisines and Restaurants of Aberdeen

When asked about Aberdeen, people who have been to the city will surely gush about all the exciting activities as well as the amazing attractions of the city. They will tell you all about the festivals as well as the amazing places to visit, not to mention the different activities to try. However, there is also one thing that most travelers fail to try when they are in Aberdeen—their amazing cuisines. Aberdeen offers a lot of amazing cuisines that you will not get to taste in other parts of the world.

In order to enlighten you about the foods of Aberdeen, here are some information about their cuisines:

 Meat. People in Aberdeen love to eat meat. This is the exact reason why the menus of almost all restaurants exhibits lots of meat dishes. Most of the foods in Aberdeen are cooked through open fire. Scottish cuisines are almost the same as the English ones. Some of the most popular dishes include porridge and pudding. One of the dishes that you should try when visiting Aberdeen is their chicken in a pot. In addition to that, their beef cooked in beer is also to die for.

 Soups. Restaurants all over Aberdeen never fail to surprise people with interesting soups. You will find their traditional vegetable and meat soups in all their menus. However, you will also encounter various soups made up of goulash and pottages. These special soups are created by expert chefs and are cooked in accordance to the ancient method. One of the must try soups is the soup that has pearl barley and vegetables.

 Seafoods. People in Aberdeen have a special place for seafoods in their heart. This is why you can find a diverse array of dishes based on this food. For people who love hunting, you should try patridge and venison containing berries as well as pheasant in raspberry sauce.

 Holiday Foods. Like any other cities, people in Aberdeen also prepares special foods during the holidays. One of their holiday foods include a stuffed goose, which are usually served during Christmas.

 Desserts. Aberdeen will not come last for desserts. In fact, they have this one famous dessert that are available in all of the local restaurants– Cranachan. This amazing dessert is a fried corn flake mixture in which you can add various condiments and sauces such as fresh fruits, whipped cream, honey, fruit syrups as well as liqueurs.

Here are some amazing Aberdeen restaurants you should not miss during your travel:

 Foyer Restaurant and Gallery. All Aberdeen travelers love to spend their time and enjoy the cuisines of this famous local restaurant. In here, you and your family can relax, have fun and eat a feast together.

 Musa Art and Music Cafe. If you are on a vacation for a company retreat or a business meeting, this is the best place to eat in. The menu of this restaurant is filled with local cuisines that you can find only in Aberdeen.

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Deep Fried Food and Ceilidh Dancing: What Scottish Holidays Are Made Of

When you try and visit Scotland, you will be amazed with the majestic sceneries that will wow you when you go on a trip. In Scotland, there is a place for different types of people. If you are an arts and music lover, there are theaters and galleries that will welcome you with open arms. If you are the type of person who wishes to go out at night, then their amazing nightlife will be surely open to fulfill all your needs. Hotels and rented flats are available at almost every street and rest assured, they will make you feel at home and relaxed in no time.

One of the reasons why tourists go and visit Scotland is the people’s festive spirit. Their jolly personalities and hospitality is what draws most people in to visiting Scotland. In addition to that, their celebrations are usually big hits! After all, there is no country that celebrates like Scotland does. Scottish festivals are mainly made up of two things– deep fried food and Ceilidh dancing. Such activities are made available throughout the country and so you do not have any reason not to try these.

 Ceilidh dancing. No scottish holiday will ever be complete without Ceilidh Dancing. If you are not from Scotland, then this is a new term for you. Ceilidh, which is pronounced as ‘kaylee’, is a type of dancing event. In such activity, everyone is invited to dance to Gaelic folk music. Despite the emergence of modern nightlife, this type of activity is still popular and celebrated in Scotland. Regardless of what the event is– weddings, celebrations and graduation balls. In this traditional dance, men wear kilts while women wear either a skirt or a dress. The basics of Ceilidh dancing are taught in school while some children learn this dance through attending various social events. You do not have to attend a private party just to take part in such tradition. These days, a lot of pubs and nightclubs has brought this tradition on their dance nights. Thanks to them, the tradition keeps on going.

 Eating deep fried food. British are quite fond of eating deep fried foods like fish and chips. Because of this, you can not say you have been to Scotland without having a taste of their “chippy”. Scotland is most famous for deep frying every imaginable food there exists– Mars bars, chicken, sausages, burgers and also, pizza! You name it, they have fried it!

When you have visited Scotland, took part in their Ceilidh dance and had your fair share of their deep fried cuisines, then you can really say you have been to Scotland!

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