Deep Fried Food and Ceilidh Dancing: What Scottish Holidays Are Made Of

When you try and visit Scotland, you will be amazed with the majestic sceneries that will wow you when you go on a trip. In Scotland, there is a place for different types of people. If you are an arts and music lover, there are theaters and galleries that will welcome you with open arms. If you are the type of person who wishes to go out at night, then their amazing nightlife will be surely open to fulfill all your needs. Hotels and rented flats are available at almost every street and rest assured, they will make you feel at home and relaxed in no time.

One of the reasons why tourists go and visit Scotland is the people’s festive spirit. Their jolly personalities and hospitality is what draws most people in to visiting Scotland. In addition to that, their celebrations are usually big hits! After all, there is no country that celebrates like Scotland does. Scottish festivals are mainly made up of two things– deep fried food and Ceilidh dancing. Such activities are made available throughout the country and so you do not have any reason not to try these.

 Ceilidh dancing. No scottish holiday will ever be complete without Ceilidh Dancing. If you are not from Scotland, then this is a new term for you. Ceilidh, which is pronounced as ‘kaylee’, is a type of dancing event. In such activity, everyone is invited to dance to Gaelic folk music. Despite the emergence of modern nightlife, this type of activity is still popular and celebrated in Scotland. Regardless of what the event is– weddings, celebrations and graduation balls. In this traditional dance, men wear kilts while women wear either a skirt or a dress. The basics of Ceilidh dancing are taught in school while some children learn this dance through attending various social events. You do not have to attend a private party just to take part in such tradition. These days, a lot of pubs and nightclubs has brought this tradition on their dance nights. Thanks to them, the tradition keeps on going.

 Eating deep fried food. British are quite fond of eating deep fried foods like fish and chips. Because of this, you can not say you have been to Scotland without having a taste of their “chippy”. Scotland is most famous for deep frying every imaginable food there exists– Mars bars, chicken, sausages, burgers and also, pizza! You name it, they have fried it!

When you have visited Scotland, took part in their Ceilidh dance and had your fair share of their deep fried cuisines, then you can really say you have been to Scotland!

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