Smartphone Chaperones – Apps for Aberdeen

Given that Aberdeen is home to one of the nation’s premier mobile app developers, it should come as no surprise to visitors that their stay in Aberdeen can be comprehensively organised and chaperoned through the medium of smartphone apps. Forget the need for bulky guidebooks and creased paper maps – the wealth of excellent apps pertaining to Aberdeen and the surrounding area can guide you through your stay with ease. Most are extremely detailed, and very easy to use. Below you will find recommended some of the best:

MyAberdeen and STV Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s ‘official’ app is the MyAberdeen App. This provides an absolute plethora of information on Aberdeen, including details on events, attractions, maps, venues, eateries, pubs, clubs, places to stay, and more. The interface is intuitive and highly easy to use. The app will also make you aware of discounts and offers, and provide you with up to date information on special events and promotions throughout the area. It will even send an e-postcard to family and friends if you so wish! This app can be downloaded for Apple devices here, and for Android here. In a similar vein, the STV Aberdeen app provides a running feed about the local area including promotions and discounts. It also gives great restaurant and event advice alongside weather reports, social buzz, and local news. The app contains honest reviews from Aberdeen residents and visitors, ensuring that you can really tailor your time by picking activities which you can be assured will be right for you.

Safer Aberdeen

If you’re looking to make the most of a night out in Aberdeen, you would be well advised to download the Safer Aberdeen App. Ostensibly designed to keep revellers safe, it also contains a wealth of knowledge, which really takes the hassle out of a night out. Containing detailed knowledge on taxi ranks, bus timetables, pubs and clubs, the app is in many ways a one-stop evening organiser. It also provides contact details for Antisocial Behaviour Wardens, City Wardens, and Grampian Police. It is unlikely that you should ever need to use these latter details, but many people may feel safer and thus more inclined to enjoy their night out with them to hand. This gem of an app is easy to use and completely free. Furthermore, it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, so you need not worry if one of your party breaks their phone and cannot get it fixed before the crucial night - as the app can be downloaded onto almost any device.

Travel Apps

If you are travelling extensively in and around Aberdeen, there are some great travel apps to take the stress out of the enterprise. First Buses have an excellent app, which provides up to date timetable information, and is very easy to use. Aberdeen Airport also have an app providing news on flights, special offers, interactive terminal maps, flight advice, and even a planner to ease your travel to and from the airport. Perhaps the most comprehensive travel app for the area is that of Traveline Scotland. This provides information on bus links throughout Scotland, and makes finding the right travel link for you an absolute breeze. Simply enter your place of departure, desired destination, and date of travel, and the app will plan your journey for you using the easiest and quickest public transport methods available. The app also provides travel news, estimated journey times (taking any current incidents into account), and taxi contact details for any location you wish.

An App For Everyone

There are plenty of more niche apps pertaining to Aberdeen, so it is worth having a shop around for your particular area of interest. If you are visiting Aberdeen to see the football, you could do worse than to download Aberdeen FC’s app. If you have come to seek out a local business, or require the services of one during your stay, the Big Local App, Aberdeen can help you out with contact details and so on. Students at Aberdeen University can download the iAberdeen app to ease their studying. All in all, Aberdeen is a city which has fully embraced the smartphone revolution, and visitors will find all the information they need to make their stay a successful one at their fingertips.

Knowing Your Legal Rights As A Renter

When you’re a renter it’s important to know what your legal rights are. If you don’t you can get taken advantage of by your landlord. In a a dream world all renters and landlords will get along perfectly and all disagreements will be solved very swiftly. However, this isn’t always the case. Although, in some cases the relationship does work and progress very smoothly. 

In this article, we’re going to break down the most common rights that you have as a renter so you can ensure that you’re protected and don’t get taken advantage of if the worst does happen.

Although, renters right do differ from state to state we’re going to cover some of the most common rights that you should have, regardless of where you reside.

1. Cannot be denied rental upon certain characteristics

You cannot be denied the right to renting a property due to any of the following characteristics: religion, family status, nationality, race, sex or disability. If you do get denied based upon any of these characteristics there’s a good chance you’ll have a case on your hands.

2. Housing must be hospitable 

When you rent a home or apartment the home must be in compliance with all housing codes and any other local laws. The building must be completely habitable and be structurally sound, be sanitary, have electricity and heat, and also have adequate water. 

3. Security deposit limitation

A lot of times there is an upper limit on how much you can be charged for your security deposit. This differs state by state, so it is worth checking if you feel you are being charged too much. 

4. A landlord must give notice before entry

A landlord should give you, the renter, at least 24 hours notice before they enter your premises. The reasons for entry into your property can usually include the need for repair and emergency within your residence.

5. Rental agreements cannot be changed without consent

If there any amendments done to your rental agreement they need to be done in a legally justified manner. They cannot be done without your acknowledgement and agreement if you already signed the lease.  

6. Landlord violations can lead to a break in the rental contract

If the landlord violates any lease terms that are related to your health, or safety, including things like necessary repairs, then you might have legal justification to break your lease terms. Obviously, this depends on the terms of your lease. If you are thinking about doing this it’d be wise to consult with a lawyer beforehand. 

7. If the landlord imposes on your life you may have legal grounds 

If you have a landlord that invades upon you rife to the point where they’re making it miserable for you, you may have a legal ground to move forward with a case. This is considered “constructive eviction”, which is illegal in most states. 

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of what makes up your renter rights. When you take the time to know and understand your rights you’ll be well equipped if the worst case scenario between you and your landlord does arise. 


Zane Schwarzlose writes for Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas.

Why Marquees Can Be Great For A Family Gathering

Family reunions, anniversary parties, birthday parties, and weddings are all great for families to get together. Most of these events require a great deal of careful planning if you want them to run smoothly. When you plan this event, there is a simple step you can take to greatly improve the accommodations around the venue for the gathering. Your family gathering can be more comfortable and easier to find simply by renting a marquee.


Public Spaces

Many city parks will have a pavilion that you can reserve for your family gathering. However, if you don’t beat everyone else to the pavilion, your plans may be defeated. That’s not necessary, though, if you rent a marquee. The rental company will come out in advance of your party and install the marquee. This not only will provide an obvious gathering place for your family, it will also mark the territory were your family will be getting together. It can be disastrous to plan your party at a certain place in the park, only to arrive and find that someone else “beat you to it”.

Private Gardens

So often, you have plenty of garden space to hold your gathering, but no facilities for guests. A marquee may cover most of your garden, but it will create the cover you need to enjoy the festivities. Food, drink, dining, and even dancing can be installed under the marquee.

Benefits of a Marquee

From a practical standpoint, a well-chosen marquee will protect your activities from changes in the weather. Granted, a gale-force wind may be disastrous, but you may find that a gentle shower, rather than ruining your party, will make it all the more festive. As for shade, it can be 10 degrees cooler under a marquee, in comparison to being in full sun.

Another practical reason to hire a marquee is that it makes your location much easier to find. It increases visibility for blocks, making it simpler for people to find you if you are in a park or public garden. It’s also handy if you know there will be children present, because they will be able to find their way back if they wander off – they’ll just look for the marquee.

No Hassle

When you rent a marquee, quite often the rental company will reserve your venue for you. Clear this with them, first, so that you don’t have double reservations. They will then come and set up the structure, and when the party is over, they’ll come and take it down. What better way is there to provide a landmark and shelter without lifting a finger!

Your rental company will also be the one to set up any flooring you want in the marquee. This will be necessary if you plan to dance. They may also bring chairs and tables, as well. Some caterers even provide marquees, so check with your caterer to see if they can provide this service.

For your next get-together, look into getting a marquee. It can be the wisest move you make.

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Nina Edwards is a huge fan of family events and keeping close to your relatives. She helps part time at where she enjoys designing and decorating the interiors for marquee events. 

4 Places That Will Make You Feel Like A Scottish Royalty

Traveling may mean a lot to other people, but for me, it definitely is one of the best ways to experience the magic the world has to offer.Through travelling, we get to breathe new air and reflect on how wonderful and beautiful the world is. You don’t really have to spend a truck load of money to really make your vacation meaningful, as all you need is to know the exact destinations that’s worth all your pennies.

Each country has its own flavor, and the sooner you know what your travel palate is looking for, the better. Out of all the places I have visited, one that has really hit me is the beauty of Scotland. What’s good about it is that when you visit it, you would not only be able to savor on its tourist destination’s exquisiteness, but you will also be able to visit places that really tell their own stories. This is why when people say that the United Kingdom is all about London, I completely disagree as nothing can compare to the preserved cities of Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle Feel like kings and queens by experiencing royalty like no other in the well-known Edinburgh Castle. Located at the top of a volcanic rock, visiting this castle would definitely give you that ancient feel you are looking for. This well-preserved castle has been a witness to numerous historical events in Scotland and this is one of the primary reasons why most people who visit it are magnetized by its genuine beauty.

Dunnottar Castle If you are still not captured by the ancient splendor of the Edinburgh Castle, the Dunnottar Castle will surely satisfy your royal cravings. Also known as the ‘fort on the shelving slope’, it is located at the north-east part of Scotland and like the Edinburgh Castle, it has also been a part of various Scottish major historic events.

His Majesty’s Theatre Nothing can be as majestic as visiting one of Aberdeen’s tourist destinations, the His Majesty’s theatre. This well-developed, conventional theatre offers its viewers the chance to savor a classy ambience. Different performances are shown, together with musicians who play magnificent orchestra. So if you are in the mood to just sit down, relax and enjoy, no single penny will be wasted with visiting His Majesty’s theatre.

St. Machar’s Cathedral One of the good things about visiting Scotland is that you are going to be captivated by its infrastructures. It is really amazing how the locals have managed to preserve many of their century-old buildings, and one spot that really captured my attention was St. Machar’s Cathedral, also located at Aberdeen. Surely, you’ll not only enjoy this cathedral’s design, but the peace and serenity it also offers. Scotland surely is a cultural heritage on its own. Not only does it offer tourists an extraordinary experience, but it also is inhabited bybeautiful people. This place is one of the proofs that the world is truly magical.

About the Author: Rome Beley is a travel ambassador and blogger from Jurnii’s Rv Rentals. They offer jurnii rv rentals and other services. Despite of her busy schedule, she never forgets to indulge in her wanderlust.

10 Great Hotels On Union Street, Aberdeen – Latest Deals

Union Street Aberdeen

Union Street Aberdeen

Union Street is the main street in Aberdeen. This mile long straight stretch of road is where you will find all the best shopping, nightlife and hotels nearby.

By staying on or near Union Street you are putting yourself at the very heart of Aberdeen city centre. There’s a fantastic selection of cheap, boutique and comfortable accommodation options on or very nearby Union Street.

To help visitors to Aberdeen find the best accommodation at the best room rates, I have featured below 10 hotels, apartments, guest houses and B&Bs that offer true value-for-money. Fore more information on any property and to get the lowest online room rates guaranteed, just click on its name. From East to West on Union Street in Aberdeen, they are;

  • Ibis Aberdeen Centre (2-Star) a fantastic new hotel that offers some of the best value-for-money anywhere in Aberdeen.
  • Rox Hotel Aberdeen (4-Star) a super stylish hotel offering excellent service in the heart of Aberdeen.
  • Carmelite Hotel (3-Star) this sleek hotel has a superb range of suites and rooms aimed at the business market and leisure travellers looking for lots of comforts. The hotel has a friendly and contemporary bar.
  • Aberdeen City Centre Hotel (3-Star) as the name says, this hotel is in th every centre of Aberdeen. Staying at one of the 14 elegant rooms puts you near all the city’s nightlife.
  • Aberdeen Caledonian Hotel (3-Star) this large hotel has some great original features, alongside modern fittings and technology. A great place for private dining or for business meetings.
  • Aspect Apartments Aberdeen (4-Star) these spacious and modern apartments are ideal bases for families or groups. Their location put you within a short walk of the theatre, Belmont Street bars and, of course, Union Street itself.
  • City Centre Apartments Aberdeen (4-Star) another collection of fab apartments in Aberdeen. These apartments are all one bedroom apartments and so aimed at romantic couples and close friends.
  • Holiday Inn Express Aberdeen City Centre (3-Star) a great 3-Star hotel from a very trusted hotel chain. Rooms are spacious and the hotel enjoys its own restaurant and bar.
  • Bauhaus Hotel (4-Star) a truly boutique and unique hotel in the heart of Aberdeen, the Bauhaus Hotel will make your stay in Aberdeen relaxed and stylish.
  • Park Inn by Radisson Aberdeen (3-Star) this hotel gets fantastic reviews from guests, many of whom return time and time again. The hotel has spacious rooms and enjoys modern lines in styling.

For more accommodation deals across Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire click on the button below.

3 Hotels Near Altens, Aberdeen – Latest Deals

Hotels Near Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen

Hotels Near Altens Industrial Estate, Aberdeen

Altens and Altens Industrial Estate are areas of Aberdeen, just south of the city centre.

Many oil industry companies are based here, and Aberdeen College has a training centre here aimed at teaching skills for the construction sector. The RGIT Offshore Survival Training Centre, now owned by Petrofac, is also based in Altens. The busy Tullos Industrial Estate is next to Altens.

As this part of Aberdeen is dominated by business space there are few hotels. However, there are 3 hotels in or near Altens. They are;

  • Thistle Altens Hotel Aberdeen (4-Star) this stylish hotel is in the centre of Altens. With  215 rooms, this is the biggest hotel by far in this part of Aberdeen. Rooms enjoy satellite television, private baths, desks, tea and coffeemakers. The Thistle Altens Hotel offers excellent meeting and conference facilities, and being on the south side of the city it’s easy to get to from the A90. Click here to get rates.

Tip: you can find some amazing weekend rates at the Thistle Altens Hotel hotel. If you don’t mind staying a bit out of the city centre take a look at their room rates by clicking here.

  • Wellington Hotel (2-Star) this original looking hotel has smart rooms, friendly restaurant and a relaxing bar. Rooms are affordable, modern and very comfy. Parking and WiFi are free.  Rooms benefit from a coffee maker, a telephone, tea making facilities, a safe, a private bathroom and a plasma / LCD TV.
  • Cove Bay Hotel  (3-Star) a little further away from Altens in the quaint old fishing village of Cove, you will find the comfy Cove Bay Hotel. There are 14 en-suite rooms to choose from, all full of things to make your stay very pleasant, such as tea/coffee making facilities, TV, hairdryer, free Wifi and free parking. The hotel has its own restaurant and bar serving the best of local cuisine. Click here to get rates.

If you are staying in Altens and looking for things to do nearby, check out these local suggestions;

All the joys of Aberdeen city centre are only a short bus journey away, the 21/21A on the Clarest Line from Altens Industrial Estate will get you there.

For further Hotel Deals in Aberdeen simply click on the button below and start searching  100s of travel websites at once.

Hotels Near Trump International Golf Links, Aberdeen – Latest Deals

Hotels Near Balmedie

Hotels Near Balmedie

Donald Trump’s $1bn golf course has opened at Balmedie, just 10 miles north of Aberdeen city centre. Trump International Golf Links is an absolutely stunning 18-hole golf course that is drawing golfers from around the globe to its fairways.

Golf World magazine called the course ‘exceptional’, ‘sympathetically done’ and a ‘classic links’. This is a true championship course and it won’t be long before major championships are being played here.

The golf course is a classic 18-hole Scottish links golf course, with the second 9-holes looping back along the stunning coastline after the first 9. The breathtaking landscape, with  hidden gulleys, sweeping fairways, punishing roughs and lush greens make this one of the great golf courses of the world – Donald Trump aims for it to be the best.

Green fees start at around the £150 mark which is less than most golf courses of this standard elsewhere in the UK. Visitors are more than welcome to book a tee time at this fabulous course. Although very challenging the course can be enjoyed by players of all abilities. The Club House, set in the original Menie stately home, will serve a fine breakfast, lunch and dinner menu.

There is no hotel on site as yet. Donald Trump believes the hotel development depends on whether wind turbines are built in the nearby coastline or not – DJT is against the project.

For those looking for accommodation near the Trump International Golf Links please check out our Hotel Deals below.