Aberdeen – A Home For Golfers

Royal Aberdeen Golf ClubAberdeen, a destination which is an extended hybrid of the Highlands has grown off the back of the Trump Scotland development situated in between two already established world class links course, Royal Aberdeen host to 2014 Scottish Open and Old Tom Morris designed World Top 100 course Cruden Bay. Together with the array of championship links golf courses, the region is proudly home to many of Scotland’s famous Malt Whiskies and a number of castles including Dunnottar Castle, recently nominated as Scotland’s 8th Wonder of the World. A golf experience with friends or a family retreat Aberdeen and outer Aberdeenshire really has it all.

Royal Aberdeen Golf Club

Host to the 2014 Scottish Open this golf course,  very much in the city offers some of the most spectacular true Scottish Links experiences you can find anywhere in Scotland. Founded in 1780 making it the 7th oldest golf club in the world brings with it huge historical significance only matched by the quality of golf on offer. The first 9 holes has you heading North playing in among daunting sand dunes on the edge of the North Sea. Finer links holes you may well struggle to find. Enjoy a formal welcome in the club house with superb views over Aberdeen City, a bustling business hub to the North Sea oil and gas industry.

Trump International Golf Links

Like Castle Stuart and Kingsbarns before, establishing a world class golf course among countless other established courses at The Home of Golf is a feat. The creation of Trump International 7 miles north of Royal Aberdeen on the same spectacular dunes, has enhanced the neighbouring historic courses and ultimately placed Aberdeen, the golf destination on the world map. Unsurprisingly the ‘Trump Factor’ like many of Donald Trump’s developments has seen significant investment into getting the best service and experience possible. Play Trump and really experience a Scottish golf experience. The beauty of this development is the lack of ‘Trump’ surroundings in the way it consists of  no real estate development and no glass waterfalls. As a golfer, you must experience the course and judge the course on its individual merits. In essence a Trump service, in Scottish golfing beauty.

Cruden Bay Golf Club

For years Cruden Bay has been described by visiting golfers from around the world as the most enjoyable course on their itinerary. Old Tom Morris certainly played around with this Championship layout in 1899 having been commissioned by the Great North Railway to provide a golf course to holiday visitors. A blind par 3, bathtub green, elevated tee boxes all set in the dunes which form the Bay of Cruden by a sleepy fishing village. A true unique golfing experience on that golden sand coastline, on the same great dunes 12 miles North of Trump International. I challenge you to stare out of the fabulous Cruden Bay clubhouse, with the unforgettable vista, holding your favourite cold tipple and argue that Cruden Bay, thanks to Old Tom Morris wasn’t golf at its most enjoyable.
Base yourselves in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire and have the three before mentioned courses together with other lesser known courses such as Fraserburgh and Murcar on your doorstep. For the longer itinerary Carnoustie, St Andrews, Castle Stuart and Nairn are all easily accessible by road.
Find out more at www.aberdeengolfstop.com 

Aberdeen: A Wonderful City to Explore the Architecture

If you’re considering spending some time in Scotland, Aberdeen is a wonderful city to visit. It’s bursting with interesting sights and things to see and do, such as the Linn O’ Dee waterfall and the beach at Balmedie, which is often rated as one of the best beaches in the country. Culture vultures will enjoy a visit to the Aberdeen maritime museum or the Aberdeen art gallery: a gallery that is small but perfectly formed, and crammed full of local talent. Finally, if you have an interest in architecture and exploring beautiful buildings then Aberdeen is one of the best cities in Scotland to spend some time visiting. It has a rich and diverse architectural history, unlike any other city in the area.

The Silver City

Generally, major buildings in other Scottish cities were constructed in sandstone when the cities were originally built: this was a very common construction material (it is likely you will have seen large sandstone buildings in other cities around the UK) but it is also prone to wearing and damage over time. You are unlikely to see this kind of construction damage in Aberdeen, however, because the main construction material in the city when it was originally built was granite. This lead to the city being called the city of granite, or the city of silver because of the silver flecks in granite that twinkle when they are caught by the sun. Because granite is such a hardwearing material you won’t see any wear and tear on the buildings in Aberdeen: in fact, many of them look brand new despite their age! This means that you can experience the architecture of the city in all of its original glory whenever you choose to visit.

Two of the main areas to check out during you stay are the Union Street and Castlegate. Union Street was originally the main shopping and retail street in Aberdeen when the city was constructed, and you’ll still find plenty of retail here today too. Look beyond the modern shops though to the stunning granite architecture. Buildings of note are the Town and Country bank and the Music Hall. The Aberdeen Music Hall was originally build in 1822 by Archibald Simpson – an architect who was born and lived in Aberdeen, and was responsible for the construction of many of the buildings in the granite city. You will know the building for its dominating duel green domes. Although much of the interior of the theatre was renovated in the 1980s, the building still retains most of its original features.

Once you’ve finished on Union Street head over to Castlegate, where you will find larger and more dominating buildings to enjoy. Here, the Salvation Army citadel dominates the skyline but look beyond that and you will also find some of the oldest streets in Aberdeen still standing in this area. Some of these were originally purposed in as early as the 13th and 14th centuries. Whatever century you prefer to see architecture from, you’ll find it in Aberdeen. And the city is even making steps forward with its modern architecture too.

Modern Architecture in Aberdeen

If your architectural interests lean more to the modern, then be sure to make a visit to the University of Aberdeen, where a recent £53 million investment has seen the construction of an eye-catching new university library. The seven storey high building is constructed from glass, arranged in an unusual geometric pattern, and can be seen from miles around. Contrasted against the much older original university buildings, and its modernity and innovation become even more apparent. This award winning building is a must-see for the modern architecture connoisseur. Further modern and exciting construction projects are currently being planned for Aberdeen, meaning that the silver city will soon find itself back on the map for its innovative architecture once more.

Whatever you are looking for, it’s likely that you’ll find it in Aberdeen! Why not book a visit today, and find out for yourself?

Smartphone Chaperones – Apps for Aberdeen

Given that Aberdeen is home to one of the nation’s premier mobile app developers, it should come as no surprise to visitors that their stay in Aberdeen can be comprehensively organised and chaperoned through the medium of smartphone apps. Forget the need for bulky guidebooks and creased paper maps – the wealth of excellent apps pertaining to Aberdeen and the surrounding area can guide you through your stay with ease. Most are extremely detailed, and very easy to use. Below you will find recommended some of the best:

MyAberdeen and STV Aberdeen

Aberdeen’s ‘official’ app is the MyAberdeen App. This provides an absolute plethora of information on Aberdeen, including details on events, attractions, maps, venues, eateries, pubs, clubs, places to stay, and more. The interface is intuitive and highly easy to use. The app will also make you aware of discounts and offers, and provide you with up to date information on special events and promotions throughout the area. It will even send an e-postcard to family and friends if you so wish! This app can be downloaded for Apple devices here, and for Android here. In a similar vein, the STV Aberdeen app provides a running feed about the local area including promotions and discounts. It also gives great restaurant and event advice alongside weather reports, social buzz, and local news. The app contains honest reviews from Aberdeen residents and visitors, ensuring that you can really tailor your time by picking activities which you can be assured will be right for you.

Safer Aberdeen

If you’re looking to make the most of a night out in Aberdeen, you would be well advised to download the Safer Aberdeen App. Ostensibly designed to keep revellers safe, it also contains a wealth of knowledge, which really takes the hassle out of a night out. Containing detailed knowledge on taxi ranks, bus timetables, pubs and clubs, the app is in many ways a one-stop evening organiser. It also provides contact details for Antisocial Behaviour Wardens, City Wardens, and Grampian Police. It is unlikely that you should ever need to use these latter details, but many people may feel safer and thus more inclined to enjoy their night out with them to hand. This gem of an app is easy to use and completely free. Furthermore, it is compatible with both Android and Apple devices, so you need not worry if one of your party breaks their phone and cannot get it fixed before the crucial night - as the app can be downloaded onto almost any device.

Travel Apps

If you are travelling extensively in and around Aberdeen, there are some great travel apps to take the stress out of the enterprise. First Buses have an excellent app, which provides up to date timetable information, and is very easy to use. Aberdeen Airport also have an app providing news on flights, special offers, interactive terminal maps, flight advice, and even a planner to ease your travel to and from the airport. Perhaps the most comprehensive travel app for the area is that of Traveline Scotland. This provides information on bus links throughout Scotland, and makes finding the right travel link for you an absolute breeze. Simply enter your place of departure, desired destination, and date of travel, and the app will plan your journey for you using the easiest and quickest public transport methods available. The app also provides travel news, estimated journey times (taking any current incidents into account), and taxi contact details for any location you wish.

An App For Everyone

There are plenty of more niche apps pertaining to Aberdeen, so it is worth having a shop around for your particular area of interest. If you are visiting Aberdeen to see the football, you could do worse than to download Aberdeen FC’s app. If you have come to seek out a local business, or require the services of one during your stay, the Big Local App, Aberdeen can help you out with contact details and so on. Students at Aberdeen University can download the iAberdeen app to ease their studying. All in all, Aberdeen is a city which has fully embraced the smartphone revolution, and visitors will find all the information they need to make their stay a successful one at their fingertips.

Aberdeen – Things To See And Do

Aberdeen is a fantastic city to visit. Rich in history and culture, Aberdeen has plenty to offer the discerning tourist. From beautiful beaches to high quality art, from monumental architecture to peaceful gardens, it would be a dull person indeed who could not find something to fascinate and please them in this ancient yet vibrant town. Below are listed just a few of Aberdeen’s attractions.

Aberdeen Art Gallery

Aberdeen Art Gallery is small, but fascinating. Housed in a beautiful example of nineteenth century architecture, the gallery comprises a breathtakingly impressive collection of glorious art, including works by such greats as Raeburn, Hogarth, Reynolds, Monet, Degas, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec, and Bacon to name but a few. The gallery is world-renowned for the quality of its collection, and it makes the most of its assets with an excellent display, comprehensive notes on the pieces, and a vibrant programme of exhibitions and special events. The gallery also does its best to showcase up and coming talent, and frequently plays host to touring exhibitions. This gallery is really quite a gem, and must be visited by anyone wishing to make the most of their stay in Aberdeen.

The Linn O’Dee

The Linn O’Dee is a truly beautiful waterfall, favoured by Queen Victoria for its tranquil yet majestic glories. The word ‘Linn’ refers to either a waterfall or a rocky pool, and the Linn’O Dee has both in abundance. The river Dee tumbles down a channel and cascades into pools within an enchanting woodland setting. This beauty spot is rightly famed, and well worth a visit for anyone wanting to sample the glories which the fresh Scottish outdoors has to offer. The Linn O’Dee is a short drive from Aberdeen, so you may need to hire a car, or find someone to drive you if you are not insured to drive on British roads. Finding the Linn is easy, however – simply head to Braemar (comprehensively signposted), and then follow a B road to a bridge. From there it is no distance at all to a conveniently located car park, from which you can take a pleasant walk through the gorge, following the sound of the crashing waters.

Duthie Park

Duthie Park is a great place to go if you have kids. Containing two children’s play areas, this is very much a family park, with frequent family activities such as lake boating and other events put on throughout the year. Duthie Park is also home to the David Welch Winter Gardens – one of Europe’s biggest indoor gardens, and well worth the visit. Succulent foliage, heady tropical blooms, gorgeous floral scents and a wonderfully lush collection of vegetation makes this a truly brilliant experience for anyone – horticulturalists will be in heaven! Legend has it that the talented Aberdeen gardeners have even managed to grow a talking cactus

Aberdeen Maritime Museum

Aberdeen Maritime Museum is a must for anyone who wishes to know more about this fascinating town’s history. So intricately linked are Aberdeen and the sea that the maritime history of Aberdeen is pretty much the history of Aberdeen itself. Many of the exhibits are thrillingly interactive, bringing the history of Aberdeen’s semi-symbiotic relationship with the sea to vivid and vibrant life. The museum is open six days a week, and frequently hosts special events so be sure to check out what’s on there when you arrive. To make a museum trip even more worthwhile, admission is completely free.

Balmedie Beach

Balmedie Beach, to the north of the town, is part of the beautiful Balmedie Country Park. A peaceful stretch of sand at which the North Sea pounds, this beach has won numerous awards for cleanliness and overall enjoyability. Riders frequently canter their horses through the wavelets, and anyone is welcome to relax and enjoy a pleasant stroll over the sands. Further inland, children’s play areas, toilets, and picnic areas can be found.

St Machar’s Cathedral

For a sense of calm, peace, and tranquil awe, a visit to St Machar’s Cathedral may be in order. Even for the non-religious, the sense of history and peaceful atmosphere within this beautiful space are palpable. It is a monumental building, yet it is in no way intimidating. Those who care for it are very friendly indeed, and will be happy to give you a short tour of the building should you so wish. The wood carvings and architecture are simply stunning. Entrance is free, but you may make a donation if you want to.

Plenty to See and Do

These are just some of the experiences Aberdeen has to offer. There is much more besides in just the town itself – while the county of Aberdeenshire is home to some of the most beautiful and interesting places in all of Scotland. So make the most of your trip, and enjoy your stay!


Knowing Your Legal Rights As A Renter

When you’re a renter it’s important to know what your legal rights are. If you don’t you can get taken advantage of by your landlord. In a a dream world all renters and landlords will get along perfectly and all disagreements will be solved very swiftly. However, this isn’t always the case. Although, in some cases the relationship does work and progress very smoothly. 

In this article, we’re going to break down the most common rights that you have as a renter so you can ensure that you’re protected and don’t get taken advantage of if the worst does happen.

Although, renters right do differ from state to state we’re going to cover some of the most common rights that you should have, regardless of where you reside.

1. Cannot be denied rental upon certain characteristics

You cannot be denied the right to renting a property due to any of the following characteristics: religion, family status, nationality, race, sex or disability. If you do get denied based upon any of these characteristics there’s a good chance you’ll have a case on your hands.

2. Housing must be hospitable 

When you rent a home or apartment the home must be in compliance with all housing codes and any other local laws. The building must be completely habitable and be structurally sound, be sanitary, have electricity and heat, and also have adequate water. 

3. Security deposit limitation

A lot of times there is an upper limit on how much you can be charged for your security deposit. This differs state by state, so it is worth checking if you feel you are being charged too much. 

4. A landlord must give notice before entry

A landlord should give you, the renter, at least 24 hours notice before they enter your premises. The reasons for entry into your property can usually include the need for repair and emergency within your residence.

5. Rental agreements cannot be changed without consent

If there any amendments done to your rental agreement they need to be done in a legally justified manner. They cannot be done without your acknowledgement and agreement if you already signed the lease.  

6. Landlord violations can lead to a break in the rental contract

If the landlord violates any lease terms that are related to your health, or safety, including things like necessary repairs, then you might have legal justification to break your lease terms. Obviously, this depends on the terms of your lease. If you are thinking about doing this it’d be wise to consult with a lawyer beforehand. 

7. If the landlord imposes on your life you may have legal grounds 

If you have a landlord that invades upon you rife to the point where they’re making it miserable for you, you may have a legal ground to move forward with a case. This is considered “constructive eviction”, which is illegal in most states. 

I hope this article has been helpful and you have a better understanding of what makes up your renter rights. When you take the time to know and understand your rights you’ll be well equipped if the worst case scenario between you and your landlord does arise. 



Zane Schwarzlose writes for Alamo Injury Attorneys, a personal injury law firm in San Antonio, Texas.

Hiring A Minibus For A Private Event

As a wedding planner, one of the smartest bits of advice I’ve ever given a couple is to hire a minibus. That’s right – forget the flowers, the cakes, the dancing – if people don’t arrive safely and on time, and get home safely afterwards, pall is cast over the whole wedding.

Rehearsal Dinner

Maybe you have maps printed off for each of the members of the wedding party. They can see where the venue for the rehearsal dinner is located, and how to get there. But, what about Grandma and Grampa? They’re not here, yet? They just got lost, and were 30 minutes late. Maybe your auntie stopped at a yard sale on the way, but the last half hour has been terrible.

After the dinner, maybe Uncle Louie is to sauced to drive, and belligerent about it, to boot. This is why I always recommend hiring a minibus for private events. You can load everyone onto the bus at the wedding venue and get them all to the restaurant on time. You can then deliver them safely home afterward. They can pick up their cars when they’re sober.

Bachelor Party

The same applies to the bachelor party. I’ve actually expanded my business to help plan for safe transit to and from the bachelor party, so that there are no tragedies on the eve of the wedding.

Family Reunion

Maybe now you can see how this tactic can apply to other private events. Hiring your own, private shuttle to the airport or train station can safely bring family members to the rendezvous point, pick them up at hotels, and deliver them back to their hotels safely after the festivities.


Think about it from your end, as a visitor to a strange area. Say you’re going to meet up with a bunch of friends at a well known location, and carpool. You’ll follow each other to the destination, each car loaded to the max and burning petrol by the carload. Or, you can hire a minibus to meet your group at the meeting spot. Everyone loads onto the minibus, and you all arrive at your destination at the same time, with less petrol expenditure. It’s much more convenient than forming an envoy in unfamiliar territory.


Hiring transportation for your event is also much safer. Driving on unfamiliar roads is dangerous, at best, but when most event serve alcohols, you’re adding a dangerous variable to the situation. With paid transportation, you can be assured that your guests arrive safely home. It also helps to keep cars off the road, which is always safer.


Skip the expense of multiple rental cars and parking permits. Many family reunions, for instance, have a budget to which each family member contributes. Use some of this money to hire the transport, and the guests won’t have the added expense of taxis and petrol. Give the idea a thought, and you’ll see – hiring transportation for your party makes good sense.  

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Steve Holt likes to talk about opportunities that can save you money. He is currently a part time mechanic for a company called Falcon Vehicle Solutions. He maintains some of the minibuses they have in use.

Why Marquees Can Be Great For A Family Gathering

Family reunions, anniversary parties, birthday parties, and weddings are all great for families to get together. Most of these events require a great deal of careful planning if you want them to run smoothly. When you plan this event, there is a simple step you can take to greatly improve the accommodations around the venue for the gathering. Your family gathering can be more comfortable and easier to find simply by renting a marquee.


Public Spaces

Many city parks will have a pavilion that you can reserve for your family gathering. However, if you don’t beat everyone else to the pavilion, your plans may be defeated. That’s not necessary, though, if you rent a marquee. The rental company will come out in advance of your party and install the marquee. This not only will provide an obvious gathering place for your family, it will also mark the territory were your family will be getting together. It can be disastrous to plan your party at a certain place in the park, only to arrive and find that someone else “beat you to it”.

Private Gardens

So often, you have plenty of garden space to hold your gathering, but no facilities for guests. A marquee may cover most of your garden, but it will create the cover you need to enjoy the festivities. Food, drink, dining, and even dancing can be installed under the marquee.

Benefits of a Marquee

From a practical standpoint, a well-chosen marquee will protect your activities from changes in the weather. Granted, a gale-force wind may be disastrous, but you may find that a gentle shower, rather than ruining your party, will make it all the more festive. As for shade, it can be 10 degrees cooler under a marquee, in comparison to being in full sun.

Another practical reason to hire a marquee is that it makes your location much easier to find. It increases visibility for blocks, making it simpler for people to find you if you are in a park or public garden. It’s also handy if you know there will be children present, because they will be able to find their way back if they wander off – they’ll just look for the marquee.

No Hassle

When you rent a marquee, quite often the rental company will reserve your venue for you. Clear this with them, first, so that you don’t have double reservations. They will then come and set up the structure, and when the party is over, they’ll come and take it down. What better way is there to provide a landmark and shelter without lifting a finger!

Your rental company will also be the one to set up any flooring you want in the marquee. This will be necessary if you plan to dance. They may also bring chairs and tables, as well. Some caterers even provide marquees, so check with your caterer to see if they can provide this service.

For your next get-together, look into getting a marquee. It can be the wisest move you make.

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Nina Edwards is a huge fan of family events and keeping close to your relatives. She helps part time at http://mineheadmarquees.co.uk/ where she enjoys designing and decorating the interiors for marquee events.